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Agent Highlight Trip: England Itinerary

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Edwards LaLone Travel Agent, Stacia Murphy, recently took an experiential learning trip throughout the United Kingdom on behalf of Avanti Destinations allowing her to see the UK in a different, more intimate light. She started by traveling through London, and then onto Cumbria (Lake District) and York, England.

Upon reflection, Stacia recommends this itinerary for those wanting the full exposure to England without staying in London for the entirety of the time. Further, this trip is designed for those wanting a beautifully relaxing vacation that caters to those in love with nature along with romantic vibe, allowing you to experience three unique destinations in England, all rich in cultural heritage. The itinerary is a week-long plus international travel time, allowing several immersive days in each destination, an ideal time according to Stacia.

When taking a trip to England, London is a must-see destination. And for that reason, Stacia loved that the itinerary included a couple of days highlighting what the city has to offer, especially the pub environment that is both a cultural norm and ultimately, fun! Her favorite area to stay in London is Kensington due to the central location and the ambiance it offers. On her trip, Stacia had the opportunity to eat a traditional English dinner at the House of Parliament consisting of Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding.

After a couple of days in the city, she traveled on with a two and a half hour train ride to Cumbria (Lake District), England: A small village, known for its natural beauty, low-key feel and access to hiking among other outdoor activities. The small boutique hotel was nothing short of charming providing a gourmet dining experience that was beyond memorable. Stacia describes Cumbria's Lake District as what you would see in movies: beautiful, artistic, historical local villages, illuminating nature, low-key with an outdoorsy appeal.

After a few days in Cumbria, they continued on a three-hour train ride to York where they stayed at a stunning hotel, minutes away from the train station allowing for the concierge to meet you and walk your luggage back to the hotel for you. In York, Stacia had the opportunity to tour York Minster, pop in and out of downtown York's quaint pubs and shops, visit unique boutiques, and have afternoon tea in the National Railway Museum.

If you are looking for a well-balanced itinerary of city-life versus a rural England experience, this is the trip for you, and we are excited to continue to provide personal insight into your travels.


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